Because good horses.....


....great friends.....


...and the ability to do what you love, should never be taken for granted.


Life is short. Go Rope.
Kim Grubbs

Team Member Spotlight: Kim Grubbs

As one of the first official members of the Go Rope team, Kim Grubbs has long had our respect - not only for her incredible talent in the arena, but also for her down to earth personality out of the arena.  Her ability to balance a fierce competitive nature with a positive attitude and obvious love for life has allowed her success in many aspects of her life, and we knew she would accept and relate to the meaning of our signature phrase, "Life is short, Go Rope."

Unfortunately, the meaning behind our brand is now held even more dear to Kim's heart, after the sudden passing of her father, Tom Gregg.  We asked Kim if we could feature her father in this team member spotlight.  She humbly accepted, and we are honored to share her words with you.  Click HERE to ready more.  


I have always thought the Life is Short Go Rope slogan was a great one. But on August 5th it really hit home, the good Lord said it was time for my Dad to come home! For the first time in my life, my heart was truly broken! My strong relationship with God has helped me through the difficult times.

My Dad, Tom Gregg, is the one to thank for putting a rope in my hand at an early age.   To say I lived and breathed roping would be an understatement. I definitely inherited the love or roping from my father.  He loved to rope and we loved roping together as a family! If he had the opportunity to go rope, whether it be to practice or a jackpot, he loaded up and went. Sometimes it just meant loading up to go watch one of us kids, or the grandkids at a roping. No doubt in his mind, he was headed to a roping.

Over the past decade, his health was slowing him down from running a million steers a day. But he continued to battle and keep on roping.  You could see the pain he was in, but he dang sure wouldn't complain about it. He was in his "happy place" when he was on the back of a horse with a rope in his hand! He thoroughly loved the sport of roping!

Exactly one week after I lost my father, I went to a roping in my hometown of Caldwell, ID. It was one of the hardest things I've done, but I knew he wanted me to go. I didn’t think it would be so difficult, but I was wrong. I wish I had a fairy tale ending saying I won the roping, but unfortunately the chips didn't fall that way. I have no regrets on going. But no doubt, I needed to Go Rope!

I don’t think your life is judged on the wins and losses anyhow. It’s truly how you treat others, how hard you work in life and the integrity you have as a person.

We all know and say, “Life is Short”, but unfortunately for my Dad it was shorter than it should have been.  He passed at the age of 67 years old. I strongly feel if he would want to give you any advice about life in general, he would have said:

Live your life to the fullest. 

Take the time to truly enjoy every moment with your family, and your friends.

Do what you love and what makes you happy, all the time.