The Go Rope Team


Name:  Jenny Gilbert

Hometown:  Billings, MT

Family:  Husband Denver, children Molly and Brody

Occupation:  Ranch wife and founder of Go Rope Clothing Co.

Horses used:  Money, Stella, Banjo

Hobbies/interests aside from roping:  Spending time with good friends.  We have a great circle of friends who all rope together.  We have kids the same age so we spend a lot of time in the arena together as a big extended family...and we laugh a lot.  Laughter truly is good for the soul.  

Biggest accomplishment in the arena:  My most memorable accomplishment was winning the Kari Burns Memorial Breakaway jackpot in 2009. Ironically, I won that roping in the same arena, on the same weekend that my dad's accident took place one year before.  The last time I had been in that arena was when I stood next to him praying he didn't die.  Fast forward a year, and I had no idea my mom was bringing him to watch me.  It was the first time he had seen me rope again since he'd gotten hurt, and right before the short go, I saw them drive in.  Then when I backed in the box to rope my last calf, I heard Dad holler "good luck, Jenny."  I will never forget that moment.  To end up winning it with him there just seemed like we had come full circle.  

Biggest accomplishment out of the arena:  Getting Go Rope off the ground and seeing the story resonate with people from all over.

Favorite rope:  Cactus Whistler, XS.  I'm very blessed to have a rope deal with Cactus  and be a part of their team.  If you're a header and you don't have a favorite rope, try the Cactus Explosion.  I recommend that rope to all of my friends.  

What are you most thankful for?  My health, and my family's health.

What do you sometimes take for granted?  My health, and my family's health.  Haha.  Unfortunately, it gets pretty easy sometimes to let the day to day "woes" get you down, but God always has a way of dumping a big dose of perspective in your lap when you need it most.  At the end of the day, if you have your health, you're blessed.

How does your faith tie into your rodeo philosophy or mindset?  I feel like my faith has really helped me mature mentally when it comes to roping and just keeping things in perspective.  If I get nervous before a short round, I just try to be grateful and focus on how blessed I am to be in the position to get nervous.  And I try to remember that roping is what I love, but it's not who I am.  It doesn't define me.  It has taken me longer than it should have to realize that.

Favorite Bible verse:  Mark 9:23  "..All things are possible for one who believes."

Favorite memorable quote:  The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday

Favorite music:  I like everything from old school rap to Miranda Lambert.  My favorite Pandora station is Eddie Rabbit radio.  Check it out.  Thank me later.  :)

Favorite movie/tv show:  Modern Family, Christmas Vacation, Dumb and Dumber, Lonesome Dove

Favorite book:  Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

What advice would you give younger ropers?  I am really going to encourage my kids to focus on horsemanship.  It's something that I didn't learn much of growing up, and I definitely wish I was a better horseman.  

Why is Go Rope Clothing Co. more than just an apparel line to you?  To me, Go Rope embodies an attitude of being grateful and living life assertively. If you have your health and the ability and opportunity to do the things you enjoy with people you love, do them.  Do them now.  For me it's roping, but whatever your passion may be--follow it today because tomorrow is never promised to us.  





Name: Casey Cummins

Hometown: Lodge Grass, Montana
Family: Girlfriend Brittany, sons Tobin & Talan
Occupation Horses used: Jagger, Rattler & Sledge are my heel horses
Hobbies/interests aside from roping: watching my boys play sports
Biggest accomplishment in the arena: winning the open at the WTRC final this year with Brooks Dahozy
Biggest accomplishment out of the arena: Just being able to be there for my 2 sons and give them an opportunity to rope and rodeo.
Favorite rope: Classic Ropes are the best!!!
What are you thankful for? I'm thankful for my health, my family, and everything thing else that I've been blessed with.
What do you sometimes take for granted? Life!! Sometimes you don't realize how precious your time is on this earth and it can be taken from you any given day.
How does your faith tie into your rodeo philosophy or mindset? My Faith has everything to do with my roping-- it keeps me humble and keeps my priorities straight.  My Faith helps me not to get too down on myself when I'm not doing well.
Favorite Bible verse: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."  Philippians 4:13
Favorite memorable quote: "If you ain't first, you're last."
Favorite music: hip hop, older country 
Favorite movie/tv show: Young Guns, 8 seconds, Fast & Furious 
Favorite book: Spin 2 Win magazine 
What advice would you give up and coming, or beginning ropers? The harder you work at it, the better you'll get.  It's up to you to determine how good you want to be, and how much effort you're willing to put into it.  No one can do the work for you.  You don't have to be a natural at roping to be good at it.  But, if you work hard at it, will eventually pay off for you.
What do you want to be remembered for? As far as roping goes, I guess I'd like people to think of me as a good roper and a good horseman.  But more importantly, a good father to my sons.
Why is Go Rope Clothing Co. more than just an apparel line to you? I really like the story behind it. The ability to "go rope"  is not something that you should take for granted. We, as team ropers, are truly blessed to be able to compete in this sport we love.




Name: Bryer Davis

Hometown: Sand Coulee, MT

Family: Mother- Clari  Father- Brant  Brother- Cooper

Occupation: Rodeo, attending University of Montana - business major

Horses used: Trigger, forever remembered (owned by Dustin Bird)... Sure Fine, Annie, Lena, Nitro, War Wagon (cutter)

Hobbies/interests aside from roping: Fishing, boating, hunting, playing cards, friends, watching football

Biggest accomplishment in the arena: Winning rookie of the year in the NRA

Biggest accomplishment out of the arena: getting selected as a Montana Pro Rodeo Hall and Wall of Fame recipient. 

Favorite rope: GT4 

What are you thankful for? My family for endless support and always having good horses for me to compete on, that is one of the main reasons I'm where I'm at today, I'm also thankful for having the practice facility that I do at home and the livestock to rope. I'm thankful for my friends and other family for the continuing encouragement and support. 

What do you sometimes take for granted? Sometimes I look back on my younger years and wish I had more interest and focus towards rodeo. I was blessed to ride the legend that Trigger was. He taught me more than any other horse could. I just didn't have him as longs as I hoped due to an injury. Every time I saddle up a horse I think of him and wish I could run one more on him. 

How does your faith tie into your rodeo philosophy or mindset? Rodeo tests your faith, heart, and challenges your mind. I am familiar with the ups and downs and have been through some struggling times. I believe that things happen for a reason. God has a plan for everyone. It comes down to believing in yourself and have a positive mindset. 

Favorite Bible verse: Isaiah 41:10

Favorite memorable quote: Don't let success get to your head, and never let failure get to you heart.

Favorite music: Classic Rock.... Shania Twain, Garth Brooks, George Straight 

Favorite movie/tv show: American Sniper/ Blue Mountain State/ Dexter/ Prison Break

Favorite book: Heaven is for Real

What advice would you give up and coming, or beginning ropers? 

Have fun and enjoy what you're doing. Be patient because it takes years of practice and learning before success is often. Rope and practice to your ability. Practice horsemanship because many people lack it. 

What do you want to be remembered for?

I want to be remembered for one of the best ropers to come out of Montana. I know I have a lot of things to overcome and a long ways to go but that is my goal. I want to be remembered for having a positive attitude in all I do and be an influence on others.

What do you hope others think of you? I hope others think of me as a helpful and positive friend/ role model. I want to be the person that is viewed to do anything to help others and always be there for them.

Why is Go Rope Clothing Co. more than just an apparel line to you? Go Rope Clothing Co. Is more than just an apparel line to me because it is an reminder that we are doing what we love. Life is short, people are taken away from us at many ages. We need to take advantage what God has given us and allows us to do. We are lucky to be healthy and even get to opportunity to climb on a horse and swing a rope. Go Rope magnifies how much of a blessing it is to do what we love to do. 

Biggest disappointment of my rodeo career:

As competitive Cowboys and cowgirls we have opportunities presented. One of the biggest disappointments I've faced was not winning state my senior year. My partner Celie Salmon and I won the first round and won second the next. There was controversy in the short round about a dropped rope by one of the 3 teams that tied for 1st in the year end. This costed us points in the average although we had a no time on our short round steer. We did get to go to nationals for the second time in 2 years. And this year I have struggled more than I have in the past years of rodeoing but have faith that it will turn around. Disappointments are part of rodeo and I guarantee that all of us will face many, wether it will be missing the hi-call steer or breaking a barrier to win the year end. It's al part of what we love to do so like Jake Barnes says, " You don't have to like losing, but you have to learn to deal with it so it doesn't get you in a depression." Stay motivated and you will be able to overcome and make up for your disappointments.




Name: Shelby Rasmussen

Hometown: Choteau, Montana

Family: My dad is PBR entertainer and 8-time world champion barrel man, Flint Rasmussen.  My mom, Katie, is a professional barrel horse trainer and Montana pro rodeo circuit finalist. My sister, Paige, was the 2015 Montana Junior High Rodeo State Champion breakaway roper, pole bender, and all-around champion.  

Occupation: None. 

Horses used: Dash a Ducey, "Lucy": barrel racing and pole bending, Cuervos Gold Buck, "Petey": breakaway roping, team roping, goat tying

Hobbies/interests aside from roping: Training horses, playing the piano, guitar, and fiddle, singing 

Biggest accomplishment in the arena: Winning the 2015 MHSRA state breakaway title.

Biggest accomplishment out of the arena: Winning the election for the NHSRA national student president. 

Favorite rope: Tomahawk by Sutton Ropes 

What are you thankful for? I am beyond thankful for my amazing family who has done so much for me.  From the countless hours running the chutes for me, to driving me all over the state, to providing me with top-notch horses, I would not be where I am now without them. 

What do you sometimes take for granted?   I tend to take for granted the place I live on and the practicing oppurtunities I have.  My family always makes sure I have roping cattle and a worked arena to ride in.  We also go to Arizona for a good part of the winter, where I get to rope and ride all the time.  I sometimes don't realize how lucky I am to have these things.

How does your faith tie into your rodeo philosophy or mindset? I believe that God has a plan for me and that everything happens for a reason. When something in rodeo doesn't go the way I want, I remember this and know that everything that happens is just a part of God's plan for me.  

Favorite Bible verse: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13 

Favorite memorable quote: "It may well be that those who dream the most do the most." James Grasky 

Favorite music: I am a music lover, but don't have a specific favorite type.  I have a wide variety of favorites. 

Favorite movie/tv show: Secretariat 

Favorite book: "With Winning in Mind"

What advice would you give up and coming, or beginning ropers? When you think you are working hard enough, work harder.  You're going to go through rough patches but everyone does, just keep grinding and work through them. 

What do you want to be remembered for? I not only want to be remembered for my accomplishments inside the arena, but for the person I am oustide of the arena.  I want people to look up to me because of my positive attitude and how I treat others.

What do you hope others think of you? I hope others think of me as a leader. I want to inspire people to go out of their comfort zone and do things they wouldn't normally do. 

Why is Go Rope Clothing Co. more than just an apparel line to you? Go Rope Clothing Co. has been so supportive of me this past year.  They were great help in campaigning for my presidency.  It is also great to see a clothing company using the Bible and faith in all of their apparel.  I wish there was more of that throughout our country.  

Biggest disappointment of your rodeo career: Kicking over a barrel to win the short go and run the fast time at the 2013 National Junior High Finals Rodeo in Gallup New Mexico. 





Name: Jimmi Jo Montera

Hometown: Greeley, Colorado

Family: Husband--Rick, sons—Colby and Garrett, stepdaughters--Chancy, Jena, and Keiley

Horses: Chainsaw, Clifford and Chica

Favorite food: Steak and salad

Favorite music: Christian Rock

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite rope: Classic  XR4 Lite

Favorite Bible verse: Proverbs 3:5-6. Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path.

Favorite quote: Life is short, Go Rope!

Favorite book: Bible

Favorite roping: Wildfire roping

Hobbies: Exercise and beating my youngest son at tennis! I can't beat them at basketball anymore.

Place I’d like to visit: Australia with my family

My favorite roping win: Winning a big check with my husband at the US Finals. 

Roping accomplishments: Two time winner of the Wildfire Roping, 3 time USTRC champion, 4 time WTRC champion, Spicer Gripp Memorial Champion in 2014.

Biggest roping disappointment: Missing the high call steer for Lari Dee at the Spicer Gripp Memorial when all I had to do was just catch him.

Biggest accomplishment: My two boys Colby and Garrett. They’re by far the best thing I’ve ever done. 

You are one of the most well-known, and highly decorated female team ropers in the industry.  Do you feel extra pressure to perform well because so many people know who you are and what you’ve accomplished? I always have a mindset of just trying to win and perform to my best.   I deal with the pressure of having people watch me by just reminding myself of why I rope--- because I love it.  I will not catch every steer but I try to take away something positive from every miss, so that next time I can put myself in a winning position.

Do you ever fight your head or experience self-doubt?  If so, how do you deal with it? Yes, of course.  But the way I deal with it is just to practice and know I have put the work in that it takes.  Does it always go your way in roping?  Of course not.  But preparing to compete is the best way increase your odds of winning.

Do you have a routine you stick to when competing? I just like to have plenty of time to get ready.  I like to warm my horses up well and then just try to keep to myself during a jackpot and focus on my roping.

You rarely seem to have a bad day of roping, but if you do, how do you handle it? When things don't go as planned during a roping, I just try to objectively analyze what I can do better the next run.  I am very competitive and do not like to lose but I can honestly say I have learned more from my failures than I have from winning.

When you practice, what do you focus on?  I usually try to pick one or two things to work on each time we practice—whether it’s something for me, or something for my horse.  My goals with practicing are just to do things better than I did them the day before. 

What are some goals you’ve set for yourself, in and out of the arena? In the arena, I just want to improve daily, work hard, and see where it takes me.  Outside of the arena, I want to be the best wife, mom, and person that I can be.

What is the one piece of advice you’d give to other ropers? I would just tell them to set a goal of getting better every day-even if its just 1%.  Work at forming new habits and be patient.  Over time, you will see results!

Finally, what is something most people don’t know about you? I love volleyball.  If we lived in California, I would play beach volleyball.  But according to my sons, my legs are way too white. 



Name: Kim Grubbs

Hometown: Caldwell, ID

Family: Husband, Jake and 6 yr old son Grady (he will be 7 August 28, so pending on when you post this)

Occupation: Instructional Coach at an Elementary School (My job is to help teachers reach their full potential in the classroom)

Horses used: Jack is my main man, but only gets the call at the big ones. He’s a 10 year old gelding who is by far the best horse I have ever owned.  Dorito is our recent addition to the herd, he’s just 5 by very kind and is stepping up his game.  The very few times I crack out the head rope, I use my husband’s horse Primetime. He’s a royal pain to be around, but is outstanding to rope on.

Hobbies/interests aside from roping:  Wow, that is a difficult question when you live and breathe roping! I’d say it would have to be anything that involves my son and husband. We golf a little, ride 4 wheelers and enjoy playing games together. But roping is the main event around our place 

Biggest accomplishment in the arena: Financially, I’d have to say winning $71,000 in Vegas last year! It’s truly amazing what that kind of money can do for your family.  As for emotionally it would be Reno WS, my husband and I recently won the #11 together, we were high call and luckily finished the job! That was pretty special for the both of us.

Biggest accomplishment out of the arena: I’m a firm believer in living right and having faith in God. I pride myself in trying to be a role model in and out of the arena. I think everything you do outside the arena and in life in general, is much more meaningful in the long run.

Favorite Rope: No doubt the C4 by Cactus is my favorite!!

What are you thankful for?  I will have to say my blessings are endless. I am so grateful for my family and having God in my life. I have an extremely supportive husband and the best little boy by my side. I am thankful for good horses and having the ability to what I love. I am blessed to have several sponsors. I am proud to be able to represent their products and the opportunities they have given me.

What do you sometimes take for granted? I think sometimes we get busy and forget to stop and realized how awesome we have it. Things can always be a lot worse. I think sometimes when we miss a steer, we may get down or upset, rather than looking at the bigger picture in life.  My son does a great job keeping me grounded. I may ride out of the arena disappointed with myself and then I see that smiling face telling me good job! It doesn’t get much better than that!

How does faith tie into your rodeo philosophy or mindset? Faith is everything! God has a plan for us, it may not be what we want right now, but you have to trust him. On a lighter note, every time you ride into the arena you have to have faith (and confidence) that you can be a winner.

Favorite Bible Verse:  Phillippians 4:13 I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength

Favorite Memorable Quote: It’s not really a quote, but I remember reading this statement in Mind Gym. It talked about how your mind works better when you tell it WHAT TO DO not what NOT to do! I think the reason I like this so much, is how it relates to each steer we rope, including the big money, short round steer. Don’t get in the mind set of “don’t screw this up, don’t cut the corner, don’t wave it off” instead tell yourself what you need to do!  I try to tell myself what I should do, “ride good position, tip down over its back, take it all the way to the feet, etc”. Keeping a positive mind set is key to success. 

Favorite Music: I like to listen to most everything out there, pop, country, I like it all.

Favorite movie/tv show:  I love the Voice, watching the Seahawks, Reba is a classic too

Favorite Book: Spin to Win, but not sure that counts as a book.

What advice would you give up and coming, or beginning ropers? I’d tell them they need to be willing to put in the work it takes to be the very best that you can be. Don’t ever stop working at it, there is always something that needs changed. If you just try to slide by and do it for fun, you will not achieve your goals. I feel it is super important to set goals for yourself and practice with a purpose.

What do you want to be remembered for?  Someone who put forth the effort to be the very best person I could be inside and outside the arena. 

What do you hope others think of you? I hope they look at me as a kind hearted and humble person.  Someone who works hard at what she does.

Why is Go Rope Clothing Co. more than just an apparel line to you?  I believe it is the meaning behind the clothing company that makes it so special. I have told several people how much I love what it stands for.  I couldn’t imagine having the ability to rope taken away from me. I think it makes me be even more thankful that I get to do what I love. I know a few people out there that loved roping, but it’s been taken away by tragic accidents.  I hope that I get to continue to do what I love, and that I continue to be humble enough to appreciate everything that it has to offer to me.

Biggest disappointment of your rodeo career? I had a pretty good call in the #11 at the WS Finale last year. In the short round I hooked a horn, the rope jerked out of my hand, resulting in a no time. It was strictly bad luck! This was the day after winning $68000 in the #12, so you’d think I wouldn’t care, WRONG!  My heart sunk down to the toes of my boots. I couldn’t believe that happened, but it did.  This incident just reassured how humbling team roping can be. You can go from the highest of highs, to the lowest of lows! I believe that is why roping is so addicting. Times like that make you work at it just that much harder.